A certified SEA that has completed SEA training and served at Woodlands for a year qualifies to become an Ambassador. The Ambassador encourages and coaches new Service Excellence Advisors and assists in special projects. An Ambassador is a positive role model and mentor to new employees. Ambassadors can assist in presenting workshops, and coach the DO-IT (Daily Ongoing Implementation Tactics) Teams. The DO-IT teams handle monthly service improvement projects – an innovative way to bolster excellence in how we serve our patients, residents and community.

2016-2017 Ambassadors

James Workman
Janie Lawhorn
Melinda Mann
Joanne Forbes
Mary Jo Nida
Heather Fowler
Martha Rutter
Marilyn Waldron
Jeanette Angle
Joyce Campbell
Cassie Trout
Tammy Johnson
Becky Vest
Lillian Hubbard
Natasha Faulkner
Deanne Helmintoller