31 Years of Service

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Congratulations, Janie & Jeanette!

Pictured above:
Left- Janie Lawhorn
Right- Jeanette Angle

Janie and Jeanette have worked at The Woodlands since July 21st, 1986.   They were originally hired actually before the building was completed in 1987.  Both started their career as CNA’s.  Janie and Jeanette are the best of the best.  When you think of old school CNA, you think of them.  They have been the backbone of the nursing dept.  Initially, they both started on the evening nurses aide group and then proceeded to move to the daylight group.  Jeanette has remained on that daylight group until current while Janie has shared her enthusiasm over the years in activities and currently has the title as Restorative Nursing Assistant.  Both of these girls should be considered mentors for all CNA’s.

Jeanette is the person that goes above and beyond for each patient by assisting them with their make-up, hair, and those things that make each individual happy.  She has been known to bring her suitcase or overnight bag to work during inclement weather to stay night after night assuring that the patients are cared for when other staff can’t make it to the center.

Janie is the mother hen of the center.  Her laugh is contagious and many times is heard down the hallway.  She has been known to generate idea after idea on how to improve processes in the center.  She has always gone the extra mile for her coworkers.  She will buy Christmas presents, birthday presents, and congratulation flowers for all staff.  Janie also keeps a storage building filled with clothing of all sizes to use for new patients who are admitted with no family or anyone to provide clothing for them.  She does this with her own money and out of the goodness of her heart.

Both Janie and Jeanette have also been known to pay for hair appointments and the cable bills for many residents who have no family.

This center was truly blessed the day they were hired!